Terms and Conditions

All prices are in US Dollars and are subject to change without previous notice.

The itineraries are planned with great care, although, for operational reasons, it may be necessary to change the sequence of activities in the itinerary or the specified route, and though such cases are rare, in general the itinerary should be treated only as a basic guideline.

The prices of tickets are subject to changes without previous notice until they have been issued. Flight schedules are subject to change by the airline companies up until the day of your flight.

Once tickets have been issued, these are non refundable, non endorsable. Name, route or date changes are not permitted.
Lost tickets will not be reimbursed, and will be subject to the airline limitations, penalties and/or specific conditions regarding the agreed price.


  • you must pay 50% of the total amount upon acceptance to take the tour, to make payments of contracted services

Cancellations and Reimbursements:

  • Notifications of cancellations and requests for reimbursements should be made in writing and include all pertinent information, and they will all receive immediate attention by us.
  • If a notification of cancellation is received until and including 35 days before the estimated date of arrival in Peru, the full deposit made for the trip is reimbursed after discounting administrative costs.(*)
  • If a notification of cancellation is received 34-16 days before the estimated date of arrival in Peru, the reimbursement is subject to a penalty of 30% of the total cost.(*)
  • No reimbursement will be made if the notification of cancellation is received 15 or less days before the estimated date of arrival in your destination in South America, or in the case of a no-show by passenger(s) or for cancellations made during the trip itself.
  • Some services may be interrupted or cancelled due to climate conditions, reasons of force majeure, acts of God, riots, etc., or others beyond the control of the hotels, airlines, other suppliers or Marvels Peru Tours or its associates. No reimbursements will be made as a result of such interruptions or cancellations beyond our control.

(*) NOTICE: Some tour providers have more rigorous cancellation policies. Therefore, these providers keep the right to impose a penalty on said reservations. On the Inca Trail, reservations are subject to previous payment. No reimbursements, change of name or date apply.

During the high season, our company reserves the right to change our cancellation policies, if our suppliers should apply further penalties apart from those stated above.

In all travel arrangements Marvels Peru Tours acts on behalf of and to the order of our customers, organizing on their behalf and name the transport means, lodgings or other required tourist services, and we can thus not assume any responsibility for cases of accidents, losses, delays or interferences for reasons of force majeure or other acts that do not involve our responsibility, especially regarding programmers and schedules.

Our company will not be liable for any illness, pregnancy or physical or mental incapacity, which may put in danger the health or integrity of any passenger or third parties during the carrying out of the contracted tour or that may imply any limitation or impediment for our company to provide such tourist services. Thus, our company will NOT recognize any claim or refund due to any such abovementioned concept, including such cases where under normal conditions no such problem would arise.
Furthermore, we request to be informed regarding any such limitation prior to the contracting of our services, in order to recommend services that will take into account any such existing impediments.